Volunteer With Us |  Never underestimate the impact that your involvement has on your child!

On-Going Opportunities:

Breakfast Club

To volunteer to help with Breakfast Club please click here

Lunch Monitor

To volunteer for Lunches please click here.


To volunteer to help with AM or PM "Driveline" please click here.

Homework Club

A great way to avoid waiting in afternoon drive-line, and maybe even take your own child home with homework complete.  This opportunity is after school and only requires volunteers to monitor students (no tutoring involved).  If you are interested, please click here.

TSA Volunteer

To volunteer for TSA or provide snacks please click here.

Current Opportunities:


With no school on Friday, October 9th, we are looking for 3 volunteers (with tools) to hang white boards.  If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity, please click here.

Parent / Teacher Conferences

Please help us provide a meal for teachers during conferences and their long day, and also need help with set-up and clean-up.  If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity, click here. Thank you so much.

Career Unit Volunteers Needed

We will need volunteers for class periods on the following days: October 19thOctober 26thNovember 2nd and November 9th. These volunteers will be talking about their current careers, their career/college paths, and give advice for our students on their resumes. 

We will also need volunteers on November 19th to help conduct mock interviews.

We're using VolunteerSpot to organize our upcoming Sign-ups.

Here's how it works in 3 easy steps:

1) Click this link to see our Sign-Up on VolunteerSpot: http://vols.pt/6gPQaU
2) Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.
3) Sign up! It's Easy - you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on VolunteerSpot.

4th annual "Simple Solutions at STEM contest

Interested in innovation at STEM? If so, then come judge our 4th annual "Simple Solutions at STEM contest," on Dec. 10th from 4:30-6. We're looking for volunteers to evaluate our Freshmen's creative solutions to a variety of problems and dilemmas on the STEM campus. 
Please click here to sign up!

Please direct any questions to james.neenan@stemhigh.org. Thanks!

Landscaping Committee

Please join the STEM Landscaping Committee as we work to do outside basic landscaping maintenance and special projects on the STEM grounds.  Bring tools (rake, shovel, blower, etc.) if you have them, sunscreen, water and work gloves.  We would love to see  adults and students of all ages!  Any time spent will count towards your volunteer hours. 


For this first two sessions, 9/19 & 9/22, some of us will be assembling new picnic benches.  Please bring wrenches and screw drivers if you have them. If you have any perennials after thinning out your flowers, please drop them off at the school on 9/19 or 9/22.  We will plant them around the grounds.


Contact Barb Cousins for questions at 717-855-8005 cell or b.cousins@comcast.net.   


The school year schedule is as follows.  Meet at the middle school entrance.  

Saturday, September 19th 9-11 am

Tuesday, Sept 22nd 8-10 am                        

Thursday, October 22nd     8-10 am                          

Saturday, October 24th 9-11 am

Tuesday, March 8th         8-10 am                              

Saturday, March 12th     9-11 am

Thursday, April 7th           8-10 am                             

Saturday, April 9th  9-11 am

Tuesday, May 3rd            8-10 am                               

Saturday, May 7th 9-11 am

Sign up Here

Donation Opportunities: 

Sixth grade Social Studies is looking for small prizes to be donated as incentives for our students.  We are in need of any of the following items for 250 students: pencils, fruit candy, erasers, lollipops, Gatorades, soda, slinkies, journals, fancy pens, bouncy balls, fake tattoos, poppers, yo-yos, finger traps, key chains or anything else that a 6th grade student may want.  Any quantity is of course is welcomed.  
Thank you so much! Mrs. Lunn and Mrs. Hoffman

Remember that every $20 = 1 volunteer hour
Just make the conversion and log in the appropriate event.
 PLEASE LABEL and Deliver your items to the front desk.
 Log your donation in HelpCounter for your hours
 Thank you!!

Volunteering Basics:

Thank you to our volunteers at STEM School and Academy!  We wouldn't be here without everyone who contributes -- our successes are truly a group effort.  
Our charter requires a commitment of 30 volunteer hours per family (15 per single parent families).  
To help make volunteering seamless, we are using the software system, HelpCounter, to:
  • Set-up family accounts for volunteer requirements
  • Track and log volunteer hours completed
  • Select “interest” areas which will allow us to contact you with volunteer opportunities                                                                            

When volunteer opportunities become available within the area of interest that you have chosen, you will be emailed with a sign up link.

There are often donation opportunities available as well.  

Every $20 = 1 volunteer hour, and can be logged just like all other hours.  

Set up your account:
  • One benefit of our volunteer system is that when you sign in at the front desk, your volunteer hours will automatically be logged for you.  You will also have the capability to log hours from home.
  • To get your account startedrequest your password, or log your hours,       click here          
  • Please be sure to create your account as a family (ie: Jack & Jill Hill)
  • If you feel like you will both be here at the same time and want separate accounts, please let us know by clicking this link so that we can link your accounts and give full credit when adding up hours.  
  • Also, be sure to let us know by clicking this link if you are a single parent family.

Thank you, and please let me know if I can answer any questions for you,

Kathy Reid
Volunteer Coordinator


Volunteer with us......

Kathy Reid (
STEM School and Academy Volunteer Coordinator

Congratulations to the families that have completed their volunteer commitment hours:
(if you didn't get your gift, please come to the office or have your student pick it up)

Adam, John and Karen

Annen, Clarice

Archer, Michelle

Archer, Tracey


Bailey, Stephanie

Baird, Nikki

Bartz, Chris

Bates, Sonia & Scott

Baum, Amy

Billings, Ali

Bolton, Juanita

Borchert, Renee

Borisova, Eleonora

Broome, Amy

Butler, Kathy

Calla, Nicole

Camp, Cindy

Carmickle, Janelle

Champeau, Neil


Chestnut, Greg and Victoria

Cho, Joyce/Kevin

Chopra, Amri

Chtaiwi-korn, Leila

Cobb, Jennifer

Coffee, Ron, Connie and Zach

Cole, Ann Marie

Coleman, Mike and terri

Coleman, Terri

Conway, Susan

Crowder, Denise

Csapo, Andras - Csapo, Leigh

Curless, Tiffiny

Cusick, Deirdre

Donovan, Jeni

Drazga, Audra

Du Plooy, Mariana

Duarte, Rebecca

Duda, Barbara

Eakin, Don  - Eakin, Ellen

Eldar, Ravit and Eran

Engler, Kim and Keith

Enserro, Elizabeth

Farmer, Kelly

Fast, Lisa

Feight, Paula & Don

Fiechtner, Cindy

Finley, Katherine

Flanders, George

Fustich, Adrianne

gallano, catherine

Gilbert, Diane - Gilbert, Diane

Glaser, Kim

Goodwill, Christy

Grande, Kendra

Greet, Ellen

Grigorieva, Lioudmila

Hager, Pat

Hale, Tina

Hales, Shelle

hall, shuka

Haney, Carlett & Paul

heath, heath

Hegemann, Kim & Al

Heninger, David & Karisa

Hepperlen, Jolene

Holland, Natalie - Holland, Robert

Holowaty, Jennifer

horton, cindy - Todd, Suzanne

Howard, Keri

Hulshof, Cecile

Hundt, Allan & Celine

Hunt, Lonni and Bruce

Irvine, Rosa

Jaffer, Hashmat

Johnson, Paul and Jenny

Johnson, Stephannie

Jones, Jeff

Joslin, Leann

Kane, Julie

Katamaneni, Sreenivasa

Kerr-Atkinson, Lorraine

ketter, karina

Key, Sandra & Bryon

Kirschbaum, Kim and Mike

Kishiyama, Stacie

Kling, Angela

Krieger, Vicki

Kumar, Anand - Kumar, Varsha

Lamberson, Gretchen

Laraia, Lori

Lofblad, Madeline

Loptien, Mona

Lundberg, Jill

Magnusen, Sandra and Todd

Marsh, Adelia

Martin, Dana

Martinez, Cheryl or Roy

McMaster, Jenni

Medberry, Jean

Mickus, Susan

Mol, Lisa - Mol, Ron

Montgomery, Susan

Moran, Mary and Joe

Mowery, Lucinda

Mukkamala, Ramesh

Music, Tricia

Nims, Michele

O'Byrne, Carrie - Obyrne, Carrie

O'Neill, Jill

Palmer, Kim

Parol, Beata

Parsons, Jane

Pasquariello, Celeta - Pasquariello, Rebecca

Persoff, Irma

Pham, Trang

Phillips, Frances and Michael

Prehm, Kellyn

Procter, Barbara

Quinn, Kendra

Reed, Julie

Robinette, Patty

Rollins, Jenn

Romero, Annette


Ryan, Olga

Sackrison, Cathy and David

saeed, mary

Sapp, Suzanne

Schaefer, Dana /Rudy Lukez

Schesser, Bryan & Sara

Schoel, Stephanie

schwartz, jennee

Scott, Karon - Scott, R. Pat

Scott, Kimberly & Tim - Yates, Doug - Yates, Patricia

Searles, Paula

Segura, Denise

Shankar, Rinku

Simonson, Krista


Smardo, Elizabeth

Smith, Mary and Patrick


Soto, Samira

Spencer, Pamela

Tan, Patricia

Thorn, Eric

Thorp, Lori

Traynor, Barbara

tunks, juliet

Turner, Kelli

van den Bulk, There's

Vaughan, Lori

Villamaria, Angie

Walker, Audrey

White, Jamey and Annalee

Williams, Cathie

Wojcik, Caryl

Work Swaim, Jeanne

Wwarnock, Katherine

Yardeny, Ingrid

Zerr, Kathryn

Zieg, Melinda