Volunteer With Us |  Never underestimate the impact that your involvement has on your child!

On-Going Opportunities:

Breakfast Club

To volunteer to help with Breakfast Club please click here

Lunch Monitor

To volunteer for Lunches please click here.


To volunteer to help with AM or PM "Driveline" please click here.

Homework Club

A great way to avoid waiting in afternoon drive-line, and maybe even take your own child home with homework complete.  This opportunity is after school and only requires volunteers to monitor students (no tutoring involved).  If you are interested, please click here.

TSA Volunteer

To volunteer for TSA or provide snacks please click here.

Volunteer of the Month:

A BIG thank you to Holly Stewart who headed up the Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week for us at STEM.  The week has been amazing, and we can't be more thankful or feel more "appreciated"!  

Thank you Holly, and your committee!

Current Opportunities:

Golf Coach

Are you or anyone you know interested in coaching STEM Men's and Women's High school golf team?  If so, contact Athletic Director, Teresa O'Connell at teresa.oconnell@stemhigh.org !  

The season runs from mid August to early October and consists of 3-4 practices a week, and approximately 5-10 games/matches.  This is a paid position, but can also be used towards STEM parent volunteer hours.  Please contact Teresa O'Connell for more information and inquires.  

Donation Opportunities:

Seeking donations for office use / classrooms:

If you are interested in a "Donation" volunteer opportunity, click here to view the sign up sheet.

Remember that every $20 = 1 volunteer hour
Just make the conversion and log in the appropriate event.
 PLEASE LABEL and Deliver your items to the front desk.
 Log your donation in HelpCounter for your hours
 Thank you!!

Volunteering Basics:

Thank you to our volunteers at STEM School and Academy!  We wouldn't be here without everyone who contributes -- our successes are truly a group effort.  
Our charter requires a commitment of 30 volunteer hours per family (15 per single parent families).  
To help make volunteering seamless, we are using the software system, HelpCounter, to:
  • Set-up family accounts for volunteer requirements
  • Track and log volunteer hours completed
  • Select “interest” areas which will allow us to contact you with volunteer opportunities                                                                            

When volunteer opportunities become available within the area of interest that you have chosen, you will be emailed with a sign up link.

There are often donation opportunities available as well.  

Every $20 = 1 volunteer hour, and can be logged just like all other hours.  

Set up your account:
  • One benefit of our volunteer system is that when you sign in at the front desk, your volunteer hours will automatically be logged for you.  You will also have the capability to log hours from home.
  • To get your account startedrequest your password, or log your hours,       click here          
  • Please be sure to create your account as a family (ie: Jack & Jill Hill)
  • If you feel like you will both be here at the same time and want separate accounts, please let us know by clicking this link so that we can link your accounts and give full credit when adding up hours.  
  • Also, be sure to let us know by clicking this link if you are a single parent family.
Click here if you need more help.

Thank you, and please let me know if I can answer any questions for you,

Kathy Reid
Volunteer Coordinator


(Click here if help is needed)

Volunteer with us......

Kathy Reid (
STEM School and Academy Volunteer Coordinator


Congratulations to these families that have completed their volunteer hours quota for 2015-16!  

Albertoni, Maria
Allen, Marie 
Anderson, Cheri
Archer, Tracey
Armato, Norma
Atchison, Tammy
Baird, Nikki
Baker, John and Ronnie
Barger, Linh
Bartz, Chris 
Bates, Sonia & Scott
Baum, Amy
Beaubien, Patti
Bergstrom, Stefany
Bettcher, Denise
Bhandari, Larissa
Birchfield, Colene
Bolton, Juanita
Boraks, Julie
Borchert, Renee
Borisova, Eleonora
Brady, Marcus
Braunschweig, Lynnette
Brazelton, Scott 
Brockway, David
Broome, Amy
Bryant, Adrienne
Burke, Theresa
Call, Jackie
Calla, Nicole
Camp, Cindy
Campen, Maria 
Carmickle, Janelle
Carter, David - Carter, Lindsay
castillo, john 
Castorena, Kathy
Chestnut, Greg and Victoria
Choi, Won Young
Chow, Wai
Civiello, Daniel
Close, Jennifer
Coffee, Ron
Cole, Ann Marie
Coleman, Mike and terri
Colquette, Pamela - Colquette, Phil
Constable, Janelle
Conway, Susan
Crowder, Denise
Cusick, Deirdre
Dahl, Stephanie
Donovan, Jeni
Du Plooy, Mariana
Duarte, Rebecca
Duda, Barbara
Eakin, Don  - Eakin, Ellen 
Eldar, Ravit and Eran
Elenniss, Barbara 
Enserro, Elizabeth
Erickson, Stephanie
Estevez, Fedra
Evans, Allyson
Farmer, Kelly
Farrelly, Tammi
Fast, Lisa 
Feight, Paula & Don
Fieger, Carrie
Finley, Katherine
Fitzgerald, Kristi - Giebel, Mark
Flanders, George
Fletcher, Julie
gallegos, kathy
Gentges, Rachel
Giesen, Tom
Gilbert, Diane - Gilbert, Diane
Gomez, Melody
Gonzales, Jacie
gorton, elaine
Grande, Kendra
Graves, Valerie
Grigorieva, Lioudmila
Greengold, Brenda
Hale, Tina
Hancock, stephanie & Kelly
Haney, Carlett & Paul
Hedlund, Tammy
Heninger, David & Karisa
Herrick, Sandra
Hill, Juli
Hoffmeister, Erica
Holland, Natalie - Holland, Robert
Holowaty, Jennifer
Hooley, Stephenie
Horlacher, Tammy
Hughes, Kelly - Hughes, Sean
Hulshof, Cecile
Hundt, Allan & Celine
Hunt, Lonni and Bruce
hurley, michelle
Huskins, Judith
Hyder, Reva
Irvine, Rosa
jiwani, shabana
Johnson, Stephannie
Juba, Noelani 
Jurevich, Gia
Kaspar, Shonda
Katamaneni, Sreenivasa
Kern, Katie
Key, Sandra & Bryon
Kim, ChulMin 
Kingman, Brett
Kishiyama, Stacie
Korosciel, Malgorzata
Kraus, Jennifer
Kretzmann, Helen
Krieger, Vicki
Kumar, Anand - Kumar, Varsha
Lamberson, Gretchen
Laraia, Lori
Le, Anh
Lee-Toy, Karen
Lee, Jeong
Lee, Josephine
Lee, Sheri
Levisky, Sara
Lewis, Leta
Lewis, Tricia and Scott
Loptien, Mona 
Lowry, Jennifer
Lux, Karen
Magnusen, Sandra and Todd
Maher, Jade
Mariani, Tania
Martinez, Cheryl or Roy
Martinez, Maria
Masulit, Shannon
Mattam, Chris 
Mauch, Laurel and Kevin
mccall, tom
McCarthy, Faith
McIntyre, Christine
McLaurin, Courtney 
Medberry, Jean
Meikrantz, Jay and Monica
Mitchell, Lisa
Montero, Michael
Montgomery, Sean - Montgomery, Susan
Moody, Lana - Moody, Scott
Moran, Maeve
Moran, Mary and Joe
Morgan, Catherine
Mowery, Lucinda
Mukkamala, Ramesh
Naidu, Venkatapriya
Nair, Rajesh - Rajesh, Indu
Nesseth, Lori
Nims, Michele
Nobles, Brandi and Erin
Nordmark, Connie - Nordmark, Jon
O'Neill, Jill
Osterhoudt, Harold
Park, Leslie
Parol, Beata
Patel, Uday and Nayana 
Patil, Sheetal
Pautler, Tess
Perea, Celine 
Perkins, Mary
perkins, roger
Pucheril, Aneeta
Quinn, Kendra
Ransom, Kendra and Tony 
Rhoades, Corey - Rhoades, Darcy
Rollins, Jenn 
ruiz, mireya
saeed, mary
Salvi, Sanjiv
Sanderford, Aurora
Sapp, Suzanne
Sarff, Kent
Schaefer, Dana /Rudy Lukez
Schlesinger, Pei
Schnathorst, Melanie and Randy
Schuster, Cindy
schwartz, jennee
Seniw, Julia
Seymour, Dawn
Shankar, Rinku
Shearer, Andrea - Shearer, Eric
Shoop, Dwayne 
Simonson, Krista & Dave
Slack, Lynne
Snyder, Suzanne
Sommer, Andrea
Soto, Samira
Spencer, Pamela
Stuart, Dana and Matt
Sun, Ed 
Szabo, Janette
Tan, Patricia
Tappin, Teri
Thorp, Lori
Turner, Kelli
Twogood, Sylwia and Shawn
van den Bulk, There's
Vaughan, Lori
Wain, Renee 
Walker, Audrey
Weckerle, Annegret
Weiffenbach, Karyn
Welle, Michelle
Wendling, Thomas and Claribel
Whelan, Ken and Wendie
White, Jamey and Annalee
White, Serena 
Williamson, Tracie
Winans, Amy
Wintersteen, Lori and Jeff
Wojcik, Caryl
Wong, Merry
Wright, Anne - Wright, John
Wwarnock, Katherine
Ye, Claudia 
Zerr, Kathryn
Zieg, Melinda
Zirbel, Amy