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Athletics Calendar

IMPORTANT (PLEASE READ): STEM High Athletics uses Google forms, calendar, messenger, mail, etc... EXCLUSIVELY. We do not provide hard copies of schedules for our athletics as practices and games are constantly changing. In order to stay up to date on practice schedules, games, and celebrations, please ensure you have an email provider that gives you access to these applications.  If you are unsure, or your current email does not give you access to these Google applications, please sign-up for a Gmail account HERE (Video tutorial link here).  Please note, iCalendar (Apple's chosen calendar service) DOES NOT sync changes from google calendar.  If apple is your chosen calendar and device, please consider downloading the Google calendar app (how to use google calendar video tutorial here).  This will automatically sync, send updates, and keep you up-to-date from one minute to the next in the chaotic world of sports. Here is the link to download google calendar for Iphones.

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