Honor Roll Fall Semester

Honor Roll status is at two levels - Honor Roll and Principal's Scholar.  Honor Roll is definite as any student receiving a grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 or above for a semester grade. The Principal's Scholar is defined as students who achieve a GPA of 3.8 or above. Click here to view the list. 

Volleyball Camp for Middle School Students!

Join the 5 week camp starting April 3rd going until May 1st

High school volleyball has assist with team building. Camp will run twice per week, every Tuesday and Thursday, from 3:45-5:15pm. Meet at the D1 gym.

Cost is $75 to join which includes a free t-shirt! Pay here. Register for the camp here

Any questions, email Stef Evilsizer at

Career Connect Opportunities for High School Students

Career Connect gives students the opportunity to communicate with professionals, learn about an industry, and discover educational preparation required with an experiential or hands-on component.

Over 40 employers have signed up to host an informative, hands-on 2-hour session at their place of business between April 3rd-27th. For more information or to register for classes click here.

Cyber Patriot X Competition

Welcome to the CyberPatriot X Competition Registration.  If you are interested to compete for the Cyber Patriot training/Exhibition and competitions rounds, please follow the instructions below and submit your Entry ticket by Monday April 24th, 2017 by 8:00 pm. Any late entries will NOT be considered.
    The entry ticket requires that you email in one message: 
          1 page double spaced essay stating what do you know about Cyber Patriot competition and why we should consider your application (be specific). Essay should have your Full Name, Grade, and School email listed.
            Screenshots of you working in a virtual machine (VMWare application: Its free Open source application and you can download that in Windows 8 or Windows 10). Caution! If these are from someone other than you, you will automatically be disqualified.

        Your email subject should say "Entry Ticket for Cyber Patriot" and email these essays, screenshots to or

        The coaches will review your Entry Tickets and If your entry ticket is selected, we will interview you on your knowledge about network security, firewalls, Virtual machines, Malware, Operating systems . If you are selected for Cyber Patriot X Competitions below will be the next steps.
        1. You will be notified by April 28th if you are selected.
        2. If selected you will need to register and pay the fees. Details will be send out to the selected candidates.
        3. You can find the timelines for the Trainings and Competition rounds here: 

        Coffee with STEM's Principals 

        Join STEM's principals in our LAST coffee with the principals on April 25th. Come after driveline from 8:00-8:50AM and ask any questions you would like to be answered. 

        Meet HS principal Cody Blackburn and MS principal Leanne Weyman in the HS Commons. 

        Elementary principal Dr. Karen Johnson will be in the Elementary cafeteria.

        Modern Market Spirit Night

        Join STEM in raising money by enjoying some food at Modern Market off Highlands Ranch Parkway on April 26th

        Come in between the hours of 5-8pm for food and camaraderie! Mention STEM School, and Academy and 50% of your bill will be donated to STEM. See flyer here.

        Dad Masquerade Dance

        STEM School & Academy

        Elementary Entrance


        Saturday April 29, 2017

        5:30-8:00 pm


        All Elementary Students, Elementary siblings, Fathers and Father Figures
        STEM Older Siblings are welcome to volunteer (check out opportunities below)
        In lieu of father figure being available, alternatives are welcome.

        Music & Dessert will start at 6pm. PhotoStand and Craft will be at various times throughout the night.  A wristband will be given to each guest with times to participate.

        Register here. Sign-up will be available from April 13th to April 25th!
        Cost is $20 per couple

        Each additional guest is $10
        (Advanced Tickets ONLY, No Tickets will be sold at the door)


        We have many needs in order to make this event a success and keep registration costs down.  Donations and Volunteer Hours count toward your STEM volunteer hours.

        Do you have an older student at STEM who needs some volunteer hours?  He/She can come volunteer to dance with the students, help with dessert, take pictures and have a great time while getting hours!! Teachers and Staff are welcome.  

        Please contact Kelley Marie Paulson at for more information.

        Cold Stone Creamery Spirit Night 

        Help STEP/PTO raise money by eating ice cream on May 3rd from 4-7pm. Teachers will be scooping the ice cream and making your creations! 

        Bring the flyer or mention STEM when ordering. Up to 35% of your bill will be donated to STEP/PTO. Invite family, friends, and neighbors! 

        Spring Play Production

        STEM's Drama presents two different plays for May in the genres of comedy and horror. Seating opens at 6:30pm each night.

            "Law and Order: Nursery Rhyme Unit"
                Friday May 5th at 7pm
            "Bottom of the Lake"
                Saturday May 6th at 7pm

        Cost: $5 in advance
                 $10 at the door
                Tickets can be purchased in three ways:
                    1. the website via parent portal
                    2. Ms. Rooney in E210
                    3. Spart-Mart

        Where: ThunderRidge High School
                    1991 Wildcat Reserve Pwky
                    Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

        Music Showcase Concert

        Join the High and Middle School Vocal Ensemble and Band for a showcase concert in the Elementary Library at 7:00pm on May 10th

        Music from the students Friday Afternoon Project and movie soundtracks will be featured. Email Richard Clarke with any questions at

        Music Festival Night

        Come and enjoy the High School Guitar/Vocal/Band Ensemble as well as Middle and High school music production performances! 

        There will be two locations, the Elementary Library and Elementary Music Room from 6:00-8:00pm on May 11th. Email Richard Clarke with any questions at

        Spring Barn Dance

        The MS Student Government is throwing a barn dance on Saturday, May 13th!  Time: 6:00-8:00 pm

        We will have grills, hot dogs, chips, lemonade, and an ice cream truck! (Please bring money if you would like to purchase ice cream!)

        There will be a professional instructor teaching three line dance lessons from 5-6 pm

        The entire cafeteria and patio will be turned into a barn, complete with string lights, wagon wheels, hay bales, and barn doors!

        We hope you can come to help us kick off the summer!  

        Ms. Ridder is in need of parent volunteers to grill hotdogs and chaperone. Please contact her at

        Welcome to High School Party!

        Each year STEM welcomes our 8th graders to High School on the last day of school on May 24th from 9am-12pm at Civic Green Park. Cost is $10. 

        The event will include fun activities such as volleyball and music. Snacks will be provided.

        In order to attend, you MUST complete the permission slip and turn it in with your money no later than April 20th. Current high school students will turn in their forms to Ms. Schnirel in room 231. 8th grade students should turn in their forms to Mrs. Schwab in room 117.

        Direct any questions to

        Wacky Weather Camp 

        Open to students in grades 3rd-5th. Dates of camp are from June 5th-9th during 9am-12pm. Snacks will be provided. The cost is $175/student. 

        Why are there up to 85 degree differences on winter days between record highs and lows? How does moisture from the Gulf of Mexico create our July monsoon season?

        Become a Colorado weather forecaster in this interactive summer camp! Colorado has some of the most extreme weather on Earth!  Learn how a nearby county in Colorado has the highest number of tornadoes each year...and learn the ways of storm chasers. 

        IT'S JUNE and the highest month for reported severe storms.  If you are in 3rd-5th grade, join us this summer for some wacky weather adventure! 

        For any questions email

        Beginner Lego Robotics Summer Camp

        Open to students 4th grade (incoming) and olderThe camp is from June 5th-9th with two different class times to choose from. Cost is $200/student. 

        Class Times: 

            Morning Class: 9:00am - 12:00pm 


            Afternoon Class: 1:00 - 4:00pm

        In this week-long summer camp, students will build a basic EV3 robot to start the class.  Building the robot will provide the students with basic mechanical engineering knowledge to include designing a sold well-balanced structure.  

        During the programming phase, the students will learn 

            1) sequential commands to make the robot move and turn

            2) the use of various sensors to stop the robot in different situations 

            3) loops and switches to control the program with smarter decisions.  

        After all programming is mastered, the students will build a custom robot designed by them.  They will be challenged to compete against other students using their advanced programming skills.

        For any questions, email

        Decoder Squads-Encryption and Cyber Security Summer Camp 

        Open to students entering 5th to 8th grade. The camp will be from June 5th-9th, 9am-12pm. Cost is $250/student.

        Open to all students, beginner to advanced. Students must bring their own laptop.

        This camp will teach students basics about Cyber Security. It will also teach them how to protect different operating systems from theft or damage to the software, hardware, or information on them. 

        We will also cover discussions on cybercrime and how daily life and national security depends on a stable, safe, and resilient cyberspace. Students will learn to encrypt messages and information. They will be working in groups for problem-solving, collaboration, and team skills. It will be taught by STEM's Mrs Simi Basu.

        For any questions email

        FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Robotics Summer Camp

        Open to students in 7th grade and up. Dates of camp include June 12th-16th between 1pm-4pm. Snacks will be provided. Cost is $200/student. 

        STEM Academy will be hosting a five-day summer program for participants wanting to be on an FTC team (6-8 students per team in grades 7-12) for the upcoming 2016-17 challenge.  

        Students will learn in-depth knowledge of Tetrix pieces, build a robot, and programming controllers in LabVIEW for the LEGO MINDSTORM NXT.

        For any questions email

        Advanced Lego Robotics Summer Camp

        Open to grades 5th-8th. Students must have participated in First Lego League or previously taken a STEM Lego camp. Dates of the camp run from June 12th-16th during 9am-12pm. Snacks will be provided. Cost is $200/student. 

        In this week-long summer camp, students will build a custom designed EV3 robot.  Students will design their robot using Lego Digital Designer, then build a robot to meet challenge requirements based on their design.  

        The students will learn gearing and using complex gear mechanisms for attachments and chassis.  During the programming phase the students will learn: 

            1) data wiring

            2) using MyBlocks 

            3) complex loops and switches to control the program with smarter decisions.  

        They will be challenged to compete against other students using their advanced programming skills.

        For any questions email

        STEM Summer Drama Camp

        Open to students entering grades 5-9. The camp will be from June 12th-16th from 9am-3pm. Cost is $250 per person.

        Students will need to provide their own lunch, but STEM will provide snacks mid-morning and afternoon.

        The class will provide basic knowledge of acting techniques and stage movement to develop your child’s imagination, creativity and confidence.  

        Every day, campers rotate through core classes in voice, acting, and dance, along with an exciting array of workshops, including sketch comedy, stage crafts, and more! 

        Students will develop an acting process that will allow them to feel confident in their creation of a role onstage.  Students will choose scenes or monologues to work on through the week and perform on the final day.

        For questions email

        Music Technology Summer Camp

        Open to students in 6th-12th grade. There are two dates to choose from in July. Time of camp will be from 9:30am-4:00pm with a 30 minute lunch break. Cost is $250/student. 

            CAMP 1: July 10th-14th
            CAMP 2: July 17th-21st

        Students must provide their own lunch but STEM will provide snacks mid-morning and afternoon. 

        This program is based on STEM School’s highly successful middle school Music Production program. It is intended for students with some experience of playing an instrument, such as piano, guitar, singing or band/orchestra.  This intensive course allows our participants to learn music composing skills using technology or enhance their own instrumental/vocal talents with technology. 

        Students will learn:


            Recording live audio and digital instruments;


            Using and manipulating digital music (MIDI) and produce using Ableton and live music;

            Basic Skills

            Basic keyboard skills in key of G;

            Instrument/vocal skills

            For keyboard or guitar and voice: singer/songwriter training in live jams, playback and recording techniques;


            Composing from prepared templates: instrumental and vocal music using this classical-style music software.

        The camp will be taught by STEM's Mr. Richard Clarke. 

        For questions email

        STEM Club Invention-Elementary 

        Open to students K-6th grade. Dates of camp are from July 10th-14th during 9am-3pm. Cost is $260/student. 

        Explore through fun, hands-on activities. 

        Imagine by creating and buidling the next big thing.

        Design prototypes to solve unique challenges.

        Collaborate in teams and discover new ideas!

        Register at or 800.968.4332.

        For questions email

        Spartan Space Sciences Summer Camp

        Open to grades 4th-12th. For those under 13-years-old, a guardian must accompany them on the first day of camp for orientation. Dates of the camp is from July 10th-21st. Time of camp is from 9am-3pm. Cost is $275/student 

        Spartan Space Sciences, an Academy program established in 2014, specializes in helping students engineer experiments for high altitude payload flights! 

        In this summer Academy class, students will engineer a completely self-contained flight balloon carrying Pong-SAT experiments, an experiment small enough to fit either inside and/or on the outside of a ping pong ball.

        Then the group will have an exciting day on Saturday July 22nd, launching their payload east of Denver for an all-day adventure of chasing the balloon from launch to landing using amateur radio tracking equipment, that reports online positions to smart phones via or

        The balloon has the potential of reaching over 100,000 feet giving stunning views of the Earth below in the darkness from the edge of space! This part of the atmosphere is 1/100th of Earth at ground level, like Mars. This will be our program's 9th balloon project!

        Students are expected to learn about the stratosphere, 21st century amateur radio tactics used to track the balloon's altitude, speed, and, basic physics, and to test their hypothesis of what will happen to their Pong-SAT.

        Examples of payloads include but are not limited to biologics such as seeds, electronics such as data recorders, keychain cameras, and much more. This class will be taught in the engineering labs where students will receive guidance on preparing their Pong-SAT.

        To learn more about what you might expect, we have student-produced Youtube videos that have documented flights and the events of flight day: 



        Besides student Pong-SATs, we plan to fly one of the Spartan Space Science GoPros to document the journey. 

        Email with any questions.

        STEM 5K and Family Blast Off

        STEM is happy to hold our very first Annual 5K Fun Run! The run will take place August 20th in the morning at Redstone Park! 

        All proceeds will go to benefit high school athletics. Details on the Blast Off are to come soon!