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Secondary Cirriculum

Secondary Curriculum
Middle School
The STEM Middle program has a college preparatory focus, with an emphasis on developing core liberal arts skills in reading, writing, mathematics and science. This program will prepare students for the rigorous high school program at STEM High and will spark interest in STEM education at an early age. 

At the STEM Middle School we focus on a rigorous education that incorporates essential middle level skill and character development. STEM utilizes problem based learning to increase student engagement in real world problems and develop 21st century skills. Our middle level teachers are experts in teaching appropriate use of technology, collaboration, team work and organization. We also work tirelessly to nurture and develop integrity, respect, responsibility and honesty within our students. We pride ourselves in offering an exceptionally engaging education while encouraging well rounded student development.

Students will succeed through a highly structured classroom environment with clear academic and behavioral expectations.

High School
The first task of the school is to ensure that students more fully master the basic skills in reading, writing, communication, math and critical thinking as the tools to success in later learning, life and work. Students are taught career navigation skills, business ethics with character education, personal responsibility, teamwork and problem solving with creativity.

Students may participate in internship programs at one of the many high tech corporations in the South Metro area. Colorado’s high-tech companies will participate directly in student success by maintaining a permanent presence on-site at the school campus to demonstrate how theory becomes profitable, applied science.

STEM School will offer STEM enrichment classes for 6-12 home school students. Students will receive 180 hours per year of engaged STEM instruction, from Colorado licensed or highly qualified instructors, in state-of-the-art labs and high tech classrooms.