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Concurrent Enrollment (CE)

Questions or Concerns:
Contact Hannah Reese
Assistant Principal | Academic Dean

If your student is interested in enrolling in a CE course next Fall, please schedule placement testing at ACC. 

Your ACC student ID# (S#) and photo ID is required. 

Should a student wish to retest, they must wait 7 days and demonstrate proof of studying to the ACC Testing Center.  For a third attempt, students must wait 90 days and demonstrate proof of studying.  Study guides can be found here:

Testing Required:

ENG 121&122 Composition 1 & 2: Sentence Skills (95+)
LIT 115&202 Intro to Lit & World Lit After 1600: Sentence Skills (95+)
AEC 110 Architectural Design & Modeling : Sentence Skills (95+) & Elementary Algebra (61+)
AEC 206 Applied Structural Analysis: Sentence Skills (95+) & Elementary Algebra (61+)
MAT 204 Calc 3 w/ Engineering Applications: 3 or higher on AP Calc BC exam
MAT 255 Linear Algebra: 3 or higher on AP Calc BC exam

No Testing Required:
ACC 121 Accounting Principles
BUS 115 Intro to Business
CNG 121&122 Computer Technician 1 & 2
CNG 124&125 Network 1 & 2
CNG 132 Net Security Fundamentals
MUS 161&163: Computer Music Applications

CE Credit Acceptance at Colleges & Universities
Guaranteed Transfer credits are accepted at all Colorado public schools. To find out whether credits will be accepted at out of state institutions or private schools, students should reach out to the admissions department of the college or university.

STEM offers three types of Concurrent Enrollment for students in grades 9-12.


Option 1: High School Concurrent Enrollment
General Information:
  • Credit obtained through Arapahoe Community College (ACC)

  • Courses taught by STEM teachers

  • Courses taught during regular school day hours

  • In addition to high school credit, if a student earns a C or better, he or she will receive college credit.

Option 2: College Campus Concurrent Enrollment

General information

  • Student must have prior approval from STEM School and Academy

  • Must be a class not offered at STEM School and Academy

  • Must align with student’s career goals and be approved by STEM School and Academy

  • Tuition is paid by STEM at the Community College rate (approx. $125, but varies each year) and will ONLY BE PAID IF a student has been granted permission to take the course and a completed application is on file.

  • Student/Parent/Guardian is responsible for payment of any additional tuition not paid by the school.

  • Student must provide transportation to and from the college.

Option 3: College Campus: Non-Reimbursable Tuition Options

General Information

  • Student chooses to take a non-STEM high school course without getting prior approval by district.

  • Student must be a full time DCSD student.

  • Student pays ALL TUITION AND FEES
  • Student must confirm dual credit will be granted with the high school counselor

Students completing college-level concurrent enrollment college level courses with a grade of C- or higher will be awarded credit equivalency as follows.

1 semester credit

.5 year high school credit

2-3 semester credits

1 year high school credit

4 semester credits

1.5 years high school credit

5 semester credits

2 years high school credit