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Safety at STEM

Safety of students and staff is our priority

Lobby Guard

ALL visitors, including parents, family members, contractors, substitute teachers and volunteers must have their driver's license run through the Lobby Guard data base which screens for sex offenders. The database is updated daily.

Security Resource Officer

Douglas County Police Department

Our SRO (Student Resource Officer) is Deputy Paul Rodrigue. He will be 50% at STEM and 50% at Skyview. He parks his Douglas County Sheriff’s car in our West parking lot daily. Deputy Rodrigue has been an SRO in other schools and has specialized training to work with students. He is a great resource for kids and families and helps students become comfortable around law enforcement officers and learn about laws and citizen's rights. 



A statewide hotline for students to report any safety concern. Before using this service, we prefer your child to talk to you or a trusted teacher at school. Most situations can be resolved once we are aware of the issue.

Partnership with DCSD Security

Douglas County School District security maintains a plan 24/7 that can be deployed with a phone call that sets up emergency crisis center for any need. We follow the Federal Plan for Emergency Response that includes procedures to match students with their families during a crisis.

Building and Classroom Safety

Students are using high tech equipment and materials. Safety in the classroom is rigorous. When your child has been barred from participation for a safety violation, please understand that this is the logical consequence for forgetting to follow safe procedures.

State law requires nine fire drills, two shelter drills, two lockdown drills and two lockout drills each school year. This disrupts our school day but is necessary to keep our skills honed in the event of a real emergency. We attempt to best our previous time for each drill. We are close to six minutes for evacuation and accounting for every student. The fire department has toured numerous times to make sure we meet the highest level of fire safety for schools. Fire code standards increase every year and we have completed our occupancy certification.

We have staff and parent volunteers in neon vests assisting with this process daily. Parents, please drive slowly when in the parking lot. Morning sun glare and speeding cars are a frightening combination. Please consider volunteering at least once to understand the challenges. There is a no cell phone policy for drivers on school grounds in an attempt to increase situational awareness. The small inconvenience of hanging up when entering the parking lot is worth the increase in student and staff safety.

Morning and Afternoon Care
STEM provides before and after school care. All students not enrolled in a STEM School or Academy activity or care program should not be on campus past 3:45.There is no supervision of students before or after this time so please make sure your son/daughter is not dropped before the adults arrive at school.

Personal Emergencies
We do all that is possible to accommodate family emergencies. Let us know how we can best support your son/daughter.

Internet Safety
Please talk to your children about the importance of not downloading "free" software from the internet unless you know it is safe (and legal!) to do so, and give them approval. Students should not communicate with people that they do not know on the internet, in chat rooms or games or in any other way.  All people who use computers need to be aware of the dangers of malware and viruses. These programs show up in lots of different ways to make our electronic lives more difficult, and may show up as a hijacked search, difficulty in getting on the internet or slow processing.  Please make sure your students' computers are protected.The Apple Store and the Microsoft Store are great (FREE!) resources for computer questions and maintenance help, including virus removal.

Online Safety Resources
Please use the resources below to help you determine safety guidelines for your family.

Clearly, safety is front and center to all decisions. It is a process always in need of improvement and revision. Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or ideas for improving our systems.