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Financial Transparency

STEM Financial Transparency

It is the goal of the STEM School and Academy to maintain total financial transparency to the public. This includes our parents, business partners, stakeholders and community. On this website you will find our monthly financial reports as well as bank statements, budgets and other compliance information.

To comply with all Financial Transparency regulations, STEM is posting financial transactions online on a monthly basis. These will be updated monthly by the 25th of each month. The STEM School and Academy will follow the CDE Article 44 of Title 22, C.R.S.  Part 3 Public School Financial Transparency Act and will post documents as required by this act.

STEM Budget 

STEM Financial Audits 

STEM Quarterly Financial Statements 

STEM Salary Schedules & Policies 

STEM Accounts Payable Check Registers

STEM Credit, Debit and Purchase Card Statements (Bank Statements)

STEM Investment Performance Reports or Statements

Other STEM-Specific Financial Information