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STEM Basics
We are a Core Knowledge/Pre-AP and AP school committed to a well rounded education supercharged with STEM and technology. Students at STEM are given opportunities in music, art, foreign language and accelerated language arts and social studies. College counseling begins in grade 7 with progressively more support each year. 



Any student who would like to attend STEM may sign up for open enrollment (usually in December - February). Once students are signed up, if there is a surplus of students wishing to enter STEM, there will be a lottery. Priority is given only to students who have a sibling currently enrolled at STEM and staff children.  All other students are placed on a waitlist.

Charter School Facts 

STEM is a public charter school. No tuition.


Each STEM family is asked to donate 30 hours of service each year. (15 hours for single parent families.)


Compulsory attendance means that students must attend school every day unless they have a parent excuse.  To report an absence, please call 303-683-STEM (7836) by 8 am.


STEM offers staggered start and end times for elementary and secondary families. Before and after school programs are also offered through Spartan BASE for children 12 years of age and under.   STEM Academy  is available for children 13 years of age and older. 


STEM School and Academy maintains student safety using Lobby Guard, well practiced Emergency Procedures and our School Resource Officer.


Lunch is provided by Douglas County Food Services.  Lunch menus are very similar to other Douglas County Schools. Lunch consists of several main course options each day as well as a salad bar and snacks.  


STEM families are responsible for their own transportation and generally arrive using the Drive Line.  Click the Map for more information. Carpooling is strongly encouraged. Bike racks are available.


STEM School and Academy is required to administer the mandated CDE (Colorado Department of Education) and Douglas County School District testing. Students in grades 3-9 will participate in CMAS & PARCC testing. 10th graders will take the PSAT10 and 11th graders will take the SAT.

All students will take MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) in the fall and spring of each year.  These benchmarks help teachers monitor student growth.  If necessary, specific students may also be tested in the winter to more closely monitor growth.

Inclement Weather 

STEM School and Academy is in the Thunder Ridge High School (North Area) system on the DCSD webpage for posted school closures. In the event that Douglas County Schools call a Late Start day, STEM is closed and implements a Virtual School Day. All closure information is posted on our website as soon as a decision is made.  As always, we trust parents to determine the safety of your commute. 

Weather Hotline 303-387-SNOW (option 2).

Health Room 

STEM School has a nurse assistant on site to help with student illness or injury.  Our health room is not able to administer Tylenol or Ibuprofen. Please be sure to keep all medical records and medications up to date.  

Learning Support 

STEM School provides a comprehensive education for all enrolled students.  We provide services for students on IEPs, 504s and Gifted and Talented plans.

STEM Academy 

The STEM Academy is a 501(c)(3) which is a nonprofit educational organization.  The STEM School and STEM Academy are two separate organizations that work closely together to provide a wide variety of diverse educational opportunities for students.