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Congratulations STEM TSA!

Of the 9 middle school students and 13 high school students, many who came made it to the semifinals (top 12 or so) in at least one event. Of the students who made it to the semifinals, many came on stage (top 10 in the nation).

Here are the events that students really did awesome:
  • Kathryn Naherny - MS dragster - top 10 of about 125 entries
  • Serene Ong, Sarah Coleman, Bianca Lewis, Sophia Watts - MS Medical Technology - top 10
  • Karenna Naherny - MS career prep - top 10
  • Madison Tenney - took THIRD IN THE NATION in HS career prep
  • Sarah Coleman, Ethan Montgomery, Mary Katherine Howard, Sophia Watts - MS water infrastructure took SECOND IN THE NATION
  • Sophia Watts, Azra Gallano, Bianca Lewis, Karenna Naherny - MS geospatial technology took SECOND IN THE NATION
  • Scott McIntyre, Jake Billings, George Pandya, Simone Ong - HS video game design - top 10
  • Lauren Martin, Cyra Gallano, Madison Tenney- HS Architectural Renovation - semifinals (top 12)
  • not pictured: James Rogers, Alex Ho, Dan Ho

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